Humanistic psychotherapy

with integrated clinical-psychological knowledge and psychodramatic focus

I offer you my professional support within the framework of psychotherapy at the rates listed below. The basis of a cooperation is an initial consultation in which I gain first diagnostic impressions in order to specifically address you and your problem situation in the course of the therapy. I give priority to non-directive interviewing, psychodramatic representations of action, trauma therapy techniques (EMDR), tasks for the time between sessions, and maintain a partially complementary relationship. The goal is always to help you to get rid of your suffering or at least to experience a relief of your suffering. In an atmosphere of trust, thoughts are to be formulated, feelings expressed and somatic experiences understood.

Initial consultation á 30-50 minutes€ 60,-
50 Minutes session regular€ 90,-
50 Minutes session social fare€ 70,-

When can psychotherapy help me?

  1. Psychotherapy basically helps with a pathological state of suffering in the psychological field. This can be depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or intentions, loss and death experiences, addictions, schizophrenic disorders, persistent relationship problems (personality disorder), manic states, compulsions in thoughts or actions, post-traumatic stress, suffering from the consequences of a physical illness, sleep disorders, eating disorders or disorders in sexual preference or sexual desire such as potency - to name only the classic definitions.
  2. Psychotherapy also helps the maturation and development of the personality without the presence of a rigid disease pattern. Within the framework of psychotherapeutic treatment, one can understand relationship patterns, develop in dealing with oneself and others, work on achieving personal goals or simply find stabilization and relief in challenges.

What are the dangers or risks of psychotherapeutic treatment?

Every personal development, and this inevitably takes place in a successful psychotherapy, also causes changes in how one sees oneself and the (social) world around one. Thus, crisis-like shocks can also occur in the living environment. In addition, there is a general increase in awareness of one's own existence and consciousness. This can lead to increased self-centeredness and reflectiveness.

Welche Möglichkeiten gibt es die Bezahlung der Behandlung von der Krankenkasse zu bekommen?

Vollfinanzierte Psychotherapie biete ich als Gruppenpsychotherapie an der psychotherapeutischen Ambulanz des ÖAGG in der Marxergasse.

How do you ensure the quality of your treatment?

Basically, I take good care of myself and my inner balance, because it is my duty to take care of myself in order to be helpful to other people. Another essential element for me is proper documentation and thus renewed case processing, but also further training (here you can see my certificates and training and a video about me). I work in a joint practice with Leyla Taghavi ( We meet as needed and regularly once a month to reflect on challenges and new approaches to existing treatments. For specific issues, I also take a supervision session with other colleagues with the particular focus that is in demand, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Which age groups do you work with?

In principle, I work with people of any gender from the age of 14 with no upper age limit. In special cases, such as MA11 referrals or recommendations, I have also worked with clients after the age of 12. The reason for this age restriction is, on the one hand, the legal background, since full treatment consent is only possible from the age of 14 onwards, but also because I have decided not to follow the methods and techniques of child therapy and the corresponding further training. My oldest client was over 80 years old and left satisfied and trusting the sessions.