Michael Josef Seiss, MSc., MSc.

Photo from December 2023

My name is Michael Josef Seiss and I was born in Salzburg in 1987. I would like to give you a little insight into my life. The insight goes from my education, family, puberty and studies to my current existence. Finally, you can see a picture of my dog, who often accompanies me in my therapeutic work.

Certificates and Education

2021Two-Part EMDR-Education (Trauma Therapy), EMDR-Institut
2020Psychotherapist (Psychodrama), ÖAGG - Enlisted at BMG
2017Clinical Psychology, ÖAP - Enlisted at BMG
2015Degree in Psychology, Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt
2006Paramedic, ÖBH (Certification expired)

How my Family history shaped me

I come from a family with a brother who is three years older than me. This was a sheltered position. Unfortunately, I was always behind in my development as a result. This sibling position gave me the feeling for a long time that I had to make a special effort to achieve my goals and I also experienced fear. To this day, I vividly remember how hard I tried to learn to read and, as compensation, began to spend a lot of time with books when I could read. My paternal grandparents were always concerned about their children's future. Achievement was an important value, also in order to improve their own situation for their children and thus experience constant progress. My maternal grandparents lived in a rural area and Catholic religion was important. This is where I learnt about faith, hope and unconditional love. My parents instilled both in my upbringing. The will to achieve, the fear of being left behind, met the belief in the good in people and so I have always been fascinated by people in all their facets. I developed a tendency towards self-observation and self-reflection at an early age.

When I broke away from the family

During puberty (and later during my studies), I always felt that I belonged to many groups and got to know a colourful spectrum of lifestyles. I always felt like I was in a position where I was trying to be everywhere, but to paraphrase a well-known poet: "He who embraces too much holds nothing tight". Many experiences with people in exceptional social and/or psychological situations were also integrated into my socialisation. I always helped them as a friend, which is of great value, but was sometimes not enough. My motivation to become a psychologist and psychotherapist grew stronger and so, in addition to my interest in people, it was logical to take up these studies.

Study Time

I delivered top performances in the first years of my studies. I was soon employed as an assistant. I got to know impressive role models who I modelled myself on and made new friends. Unfortunately, I overheated in all this drive due to the aforementioned inner motives. A severe crisis followed and it took me years to regain my strength. In the process, I learnt which relationships last and that it is also true for me that everyone is with you when you are laughing, but you are usually left alone in the valley of tears. Fortunately, I also had lasting friendships and a stable social network in the family. I moved back to Salzburg and worked in youth support. Only then did I finish my studies. Today, I see this break in my biography as a necessary learning process to take care of myself in balance. In order to really help other people in my work, it is my duty to take good care of myself. I have successfully completed my studies.

My existance today

Today I work primarily as a psychotherapist in Floridsdorf (Here you can see my offer) and lecturer (here you can see my lecture programme) at various adult education centres (HFH, PMA, VHS, ÖAGG). I am married and a dog owner. This dog "Chan" - a Samoyed - accompanies me most of the time in my work at the Dunantgasse practice.

My dog "Chan", who accompanies me

Insight into my practice